Stay Safe Online this Summer

July frittered away on Jedi: Fallen Order? August annihilated by Apex Legends? In this digital age, most parents of school-aged children have, at some point, wondered whether their offspring intend to spend the entire summer staring at a screen. The reality is, however, that many youngsters prefer to spend their free time that way. Adults simply need to ensure that they’re doing it safely. For NOS #WakeUpWednesday this week, we’ve produced a poster with some useful reminders for children on how they can stay safe – and ensure a positive experience for others – when they’re having fun online this summer. How many of our top tips can you and your child spot dotted around our bustling skatepark?

Devices can be a godsend for parents who are looking to occupy a a child for a few crucial minutes. That usually increases in the school holidays when the child’s at home and busy parents are required to juggle childcare, job commitments and housework. In that situation, there’s nothing wrong with reaching for a digital solution. Parents and carers, however, need to feel secure that their child won’t come to harm while they’re passing time online. With the school term about to end and youngsters’ screen time set to climb over the holidays, our #WakeUpWednesday guide this week is a poster with some handy reminders for children on the basics of keeping themselves safe online this summer.

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