Adopting Safe and Healthy Online Habits

The world, sadly, is all too often an unfair place. That’s why Comic Relief annually raises both funds and awareness to combat some of modern life’s worst inequalities. Unfortunately, many of these imbalances also play out in the online space, with young internet users often attacked because of a disability, their gender or their family’s financial circumstances. As Red Nose Day 2023 gears up to help people through difficult times and put smiles back on young faces, our NOS #WakeUpWednesday guide this week examines how to support children in dealing with negative things they watch, hear or read online. We’ve got top tips for safe, healthy online habits that can help youngsters to take potential pitfalls in their stride.

Bad things sometimes happen. It’s a regrettable but inescapable fact of life. Nobody – especially in the vast, untamed wilds of the internet – can avoid setbacks indefinitely. What we can do, however, is fortify ourselves – and, crucially, our children – with the knowledge and the skills to cope with and adapt to these difficulties when they arise. That’s digital resilience. Coaching children and young people to handle the slings and arrows of online misfortune will hugely benefit a generation who are growing up publicly in an online environment. This week’s NOS #WakeUpWednesday guide has some basic and easily achievable suggestions for good online habits that will help young people to enjoy the digital world more safely and healthily.

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