Reminder: 7th July, Dawn to Dusk

Some of our very talented students will be performing Dawn to Dusk at the Grange Festival on Friday 7th July. It’s not too late to purchase tickets here.

The tale follows the voice of a young boy named Hamido, whose voice is taken by the hands of the Breeze across seas and continents. Hamido’s voice gathers folksongs and sings to strangers who are in need of comfort, nostalgia and possibility. His travelling voice transcends borders – as music does – bringing siblings, grandmothers, café workers and young men closer to whatever they felt they had lost. Though the wayward Breeze carries Hamido’s voice under the watchful eyes of Moon, chaos soon ensues. Ultimately leading to the reconnection of two long-lost friends separated by migration.

Come and join us for what promises to be a fantastic evening.

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