Year 10 Work Experience Update 

As we move closer to the work experience week (Monday 25th- Thursday 28th March inclusive) please can I remind all students and their parents/carers of the important information below:  

 Own Placements 

There are currently a large amount of students who have informed their tutors and/or me, that they will be handing in an Own Placement Form as they have found a placement themselves and not through EBP South. The deadline to get this form into school was In December but seeing as there are so many that have not come in yet, I have asked EBP South if they would extend this deadline. They have agreed to extend until Friday 15th March. 

If your child is seeking an own placement, I must have their form by this deadline.  A copy of the own placement form is found here, or a paper copy can be picked up from my office.  

 EBP South Database 

 There are currently around 45 students who have placements submitted on the database and EBP South are continuing to contact employers and chase them for answers. They will continue to chase and get placements confirmed right up to the work experience week. 

Please make sure that your child is continuing to check the database and if all placements are unavailable continue to add more.  If you would like EBP South to move onto another placement on the list, please let me know.  

A Combined Approach 

Usually, we say only follow one route, own placement or EBP database, but as we get closer to the deadline, I have been suggesting that students who want to also go down the Own Placement route, can do so.  

If EBP South have any success on the placements on the database before I receive the own placement form, then we will need to go with the EBP database placement. They charge the school a fee per confirmed placement. 

If you want to change to your own placement, they will charge again for the work they do on that one. The school can only pay for one charge. As long as you are happy with whichever placement comes through first, it would be beneficial to try both routes at this point. 

Consent Forms 

If your child has been offered a placement via the EBP South database or sourced yourself through the own placement route, you will be given a consent form.  

This form is personalised to your child printed by myself and handed out at tutor times. This form MUST be signed by the parent/guardian and the student (NO ONE ELSE, even though it asks for the employer) and returned to me. Without this, I cannot legally sign off the placements. The form can be dropped off in my office in Rousseau.  

There are over 50 consent forms yet to be returned.  

 In School Provision  

Sadly, last year 3 students did not find a placement, this year we hope all our students will be out on placements but, if for any reason we aren’t able to have them all out, then we will be providing careers and work experience-based learning in school.  

The timetable is collapsed, as the majority of the year group will be out of school, those in school will be grouped together and be provided with work for the week. There will likely be PE sessions throughout the week too.  

Any questions please do let me know. 

Many thanks 

Miss A Craig 

Assistant Headteacher 

Miss A Craig

Assistant Headteacher Inclusion

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