'Whatever the passion is within the child, we will do everything in our power to enhance this; to fully realise their potential and ensure that they have the strongest foundation for their future lives.'

CEO's Welcome

My vision for The Perins MAT is that experienced and dedicated staff have a shared passion for inspiring and supporting our students and expecting them to: 

  • achieve the highest academic and extra-curricular standards of which they are capable, even beyond what they believe they can do;

  • aspire to the course and future pathways appropriate to their gifts, talents and interests;

  • be a distinctive element of the Schools within The MAT whilst also being a part of our broader community;

  • engage in community and charitable work, learning to give and not to count the cost;

  • be ambassadors for the Schools as confident, successful and kind individuals;

  • be empowered with the self-belief, the resilience and the education to make a difference and

  • be curious, confident and independent thinkers.

Our young people will ultimately be facing the challenges and opportunities in a 21st Century world which is moving faster than at any time in the history of the human race, and they will need the skills, knowledge and understanding that will enable them to grow into successful adults.

Schools are in a unique position to develop and nurture young people and, as such, have a direct influence on the world of tomorrow. With this comes great responsibility, and it is my passionate belief that The Perins MAT and the staff within it can help to ensure that every individual student is given the opportunity to develop and flourish regardless of academic or social barriers. As professionals, we have a duty to inspire, challenge, develop and prepare our students for life beyond the school gates, supporting them educationally and pastorally. By providing the optimal environment and challenge, we will enable our students to achieve their potential and compete both nationally and internationally. 

Mr S Jones

Chief Executive Officer



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