Our Student Voice

There are many opportunities for our students to voice their opinions on the development and improvement of our school. Each tutor group has a ‘student voice councillor’ who report back on school related issues termly to our leadership team and help to plan for the development and future of the School.

From our Head Boy and Head Girl

My journey at Perins school started in 2017 and is due to end in eight months. To say that I won’t miss it will be a lie. During my time at Perins I have learnt so much; not just academically but also about myself.

Perins school departments are filled with hardworking supportive staff who do their best to ensure every child reaches their full potential. During year 7 and year 8 students partake in a wide range of subjects offered before choosing their GCSE options for KS4. At GCSE there are an even wider range of subjects on offer from Latin to Photography.

Perins operates a laptop scheme, this proved to be very useful especially during the lockdowns when all of our lessons were online. The laptops allow teachers and students to easily communicate and learn better.

At Perins you are guaranteed to find an extracurricular activity that will interest you whether you are sporty or artsy, there’s something for everyone. Clubs are run by staff and prefects who so kindly donate their time and talents to give students the opportunity to develop their skills and interests. Magnificent productions are put together annually. It’s amazing to see the amount of talent and ability possessed by such young individuals in our school. Sports fixtures are frequently held across many sports: two of the biggest are the rugby HP cup and netball Guildford matches.

Perins School is about more than just grades. It’s also about shaping one into a kind, independent person and preparing them for the future. It is more important than ever that people are more understanding and compassionate towards others which is why differences are celebrated at Perins.

Perins operates the Duke of Edinburgh scheme which allows students to develop life skills and learn to help themselves. Students can enrol in the scheme in year 10.

The pinnacles of my time at the school would have to be the trips. I was lucky enough to visit the Paris in year 8 and to go skiing in Italy and France. Skiing was something I had never imagined I would do but I had the time of my life. There are so many residential trips to museums, theatres, in the field as well as the South Africa trip that occurs every two years.

The role of Head Girl is an honour that I take seriously and am very grateful for. The school has done so much for me and I’m glad to be able to show that by giving back. I work vigorously with my fellow senior prefects in order to better the school and lead as example for younger years. My memories, time and friends at Perins will never be forgotten and will always bring a smile to my face. I’ll forever be grateful to the staff and students for my experiences and helping me become who I am today. Krystal Kisob

Over the last 4 years at Perins, I have enjoyed the opportunities the school has provided me to grow both academically, socially and as a person.

Across all subjects, I think Perins has a dynamic range of teachers that are always happy to help and provide support when you are struggling. Teachers are contactable on email and are also friendly faces to speak to in the classroom. Perins uses the Gifted and Talented list to allow teachers to put forward high performing students for extra opportunities. I have previously enjoyed the Gifted and Talented summer school and trips to some local universities to take part in activities in languages, science and maths.

Another place I think where Perins excels is the way the school structures it’s GCSE options process. Students choose their option subjects in year 8, with the courses starting in year 9. The depth and variety of GCSE options offered by Perins is unrivalled, with new subjects such as economics, psychology and photography having been added just a couple of years ago. Perins ensures that the year 8s choose subjects from across the board (such as creative arts, humanities and enterprise), with students then dropping their least favourite subject prior to the start of year 10. This range of options helped me to consider new subjects and all of these I now very much enjoy too!

One of the best parts for me about Perins is the wealth of extra-curricular activities on offer to all of the students. There are a host of clubs for sports, music, drama, science, and other areas, including inter-school competitions, such as the mock magistrate trial, which I really enjoyed being involved in. A particular favourite part of my time at Perins, has been participating in the pit band for two of the large end of year shows. To be given the opportunity to learn and play music in this way and with the support of our incredible community orchestra was a great opportunity for me to able to develop in confidence and expand my musical capabilities.

Another brilliant extra-curricular activity I have participated in at Perins, was when I was selected for the Perins team to play Boccia in the annual competition against Treloars College. Boccia is a sport, with many similarities to bowls and is played at the Paralympics. This opportunity helped me understand and connect with the students at Treloars and also try out a new sport. Myself and another student created an interhouse sports competition later on, so that everybody in the school could experience this new sport too.

Before the pandemic, I had enjoyed many foreign trips with Perins, including a year 8 trip to Paris and an insightful and humbling trip to the WW1 battlefields of Belgium and France. I have found these trips to be key in my development in my subjects, as they provide a deep insight into what we are studying and help to gain understanding of what we are being taught.

The school gives students many opportunities to develop relationships with other year groups. This is through inter-school competitions, after school clubs, trips and the end of year shows. Building relationships with older year groups helped me when I was starting out at the school and I feel was one of the most important parts of my integration into the Perins school community.

I am having a great experience at Perins and am very grateful for what they have given me and what I have been able to experience here. The main reason for me for wanting to becoming Head Boy was to give back to the school that has looked out for me so well over the last few years and to be able to share the positive experience I have had during my time at Perins. Elden Organ