March 2022

What parents need to know about Facebook

Most people know the story by now. What started out as a morally questionable (but technically accomplished) mechanism for rating female college students’ pictures evolved into the flagship platform of a planet-spanning multi-billion-dollar empire – making a household name of its creator and adding an entirely new dimension to the 21st-century concept of ‘friendship’. Facebook’s …

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Lost Property

A large amount of lost property has been left at school this term and we will be clearing it out at Easter.  Named items are being returned to students during tutor time and photos of unnamed items have been posted in the student Daily Bulletin in the hopes that students will recognise their belongings!

Sports News

Sports Clubs The final day of sports clubs this term will be Wednesday 6th April due to Year 7 parents evening being held on Thursday 7th April. A different sports club timetable will run during the summer term. This timetable can be found on our website here. Cricket, athletics, rounders and tennis fixtures will also …

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Teamwear PE Kit

The teamwear PE kit items have been added to SCOPay for orders to be placed until 9am on Thursday 7th April. This order block will then close and the items will be ordered and decorated by our uniform supplier. We hope to have the items ready to deliver to students by mid May 2022. This …

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AirPods in School

Recently, when possible, the school field has been opened up for students at lunchtimes. In the last week two students have lost their AirPods whilst running around the field. These are not items students should have in school and the school will not accept any responsibility for the loss. Thank you for your help with this …

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