Year 10 Literature Set Exam Texts – Shakespeare

During their GCSE Literature examination, students are no longer entitled to use an ‘open text’.  In preparation for the exam, it is useful for them to annotate a copy of the exam text.  Your child will be studying one of the texts outlined below which is the edition recommended by the class teacher.     

We will send this information by email to Year 10 parents.

Our preferred method of payment is online (via

 Set TextsPrice
GroupsMrs Newsum (10HR & 10PR)    Mrs Belsey (10PG)
   ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ (Longman  9781408236871)  £6.39  
GroupsMr Barber (10HP)   Mrs Martinelli (10HY) Mrs VaissieresBrien (10PP)
   ‘Macbeth’ (Oxford (Oxford 9780198324003)    £4.50
GroupsMrs Yates (10HB)  Miss Conway (10PY)  Mrs Hellier (10HG)  Mrs Kilpatrick (10PB)
   ‘The Merchant of Venice’ (Oxford 9780198328674)    £4.50
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