Careers and Access Provider Programme


The information below sets out the school’s arrangements for managing access of providers to students at Perins, for the purpose of giving students information about the provider’s education or training offer.  This complies with the school’s legal obligation under Section 42B of the Education Act 1997.

The Perins Careers Programme

Perins School is committed to delivering a careers programme that meets all eight Gatsby Benchmarks.  The school has a structured careers programme designed to meet the needs of all students throughout their time at Perins, to ensure they have a positive transition to their next stage of education or training.  To this end, all students will leave Perins with a “moving on” plan.

Careers education is delivered as part of students’ Life Studies lessons, through 1:2:1 session with an Independent Careers Advisor, support from their tutor and enrichment opportunities and inputs from visiting education and training providers and professionals.

All students from Year 7 onwards can access the bespoke careers support programme, giving careers information appropriate to any stage in their education.

Year 7

First aid: pupils will participate in an NHS-led first aid course that will cover areas such as cardiac arrest, the recovery position and many more. The University of Portsmouth will work alongside to support all pupils in the year group.

Myth Busters: Top workers from the NHS sit down and talk about the truths and myths surrounding the NHS and medicine in the UK.

Year 8

Dragons den toy design project: Pupils will work in groups to design and present a new toy for a local hospital. Using business and design support from trained NHS staff to create interesting and engaging toys.

Careers project: Pupils will develop their understanding of how to write CV’s and apply for a job. This will culminate in all pupils taking part in a one-to-one face-to-face interview.

Year 9

GCSE Option take over: Pupils will experience a lesson led by an NHS expert linked to one of their GCSE options subjects. The lesson will allow pupils to see the potential that their subject choice can lead to.

The second career experience for year 9 is currently being finalised. The page will be updated when we have confirmation from the employer.

Year 10

GCSE Option takeover: Pupils will experience a lesson led by an NHS expert linked to one of their GCSE options subjects. The lesson will allow pupils to see the potential that their subject choice can lead to.

Work experience: Year 10 pupils will organise and complete a 5-day placement in a work environment. They will experience a real work environment and learn the details of a future career of their choice.

Annual Careers Fair: This is an opportunity for students to meet with representatives from the local sixth form colleges, apprenticeship providers and local businesses.

Year 11

Careers Fair: Pupils can meet and talk with different post-16 providers to support their journey beyond their time at Perins School.

The tutor team works with each student to help them to complete an application form before taking part in a compulsory, mock one-to-one interview. The practice interviews are conducted by local businesspeople, who will give students a critique of their application and feedback on their interview technique.

Students are invited to have an appointment with our impartial Independent Careers Advisor. Any Year 11 student who would like an appointment with the careers advisor can request one through Student Services or their tutor.  Students will have an interview followed up with a typed action plan, which they are encouraged to share with parents and carers.


Perins actively encourages and values the input that external providers can contribute to enhance our career programme.  Any education or training provider who would like to talk to our students about post-16 pathways in terms of courses, apprenticeships or local opportunities will be most welcome to come into school at a mutually agreed time.  The school can accommodate whole year group assemblies or small group classrooms for this purpose.  We are also keen to encourage providers and local employers to help with mock interviews or at any other appropriate point in the careers programme.

All visitors to the school will be expected to comply with the school’s safeguarding policies and requirements, e.g. DBS checks. When providers are on the school site, school staff will seek to ensure they are given adequate working space and/or facilities as appropriate.

Please contact Miss A Craig in the first instance to discuss your requirements:

Miss A Craig – Assistant Headteacher – Senior Careers Link, 

Jonathan Flory – Link Trustee –

Julia Gerathy – Registered Careers Advisor –


We have created a bank of resources with CareerComp@nion for Perins students.  Please see the resources here (username: perinscareers, password: perinscareers).  There is information and links tailored to each school year and also further education, apprenticeships, gap years and virtual work experience.

Student Destinations

At Perins our students follow a range of opportunities when they move onto further education. You can find information about their destinations here.

Resources to help students choose their GCSE, A Level and university courses

We have put together a document of useful resources to help students make the important decisions regarding choosing their GCSEs, A Levels and university courses.  There are also links to helpful advice about applying to university.   Please see the document here.

Assessment of Impact and Policy Review

To ensure that we are consistently improving, we measure our existing programme annually against the Gatsby benchmarks, in discussion with staff, external partners and in line with our statutory obligations. 

The CEIAG policy is reviewed biannually unless there is a significant change within that time.  The next date of review is September 2023.

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