Information, links and forms for families with students joining Perins from September 2020

Welcome to the Perins School Transition Information Hub

Updated 2nd June 2020

In light of the ongoing, unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in due to COVID-19, we are currently updating our website to support your child’s transition to Perins school. 

Most importantly, we hope that you and your families are keeping safe and well. We wish to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure your child’s move to Perins is as smooth as possible. We are delighted you have chosen Perins as your secondary school, and we are excited to see how your children grow as individuals while experiencing all Perins has to offer and hope that you as parents will become fully immersed in the school community.

A letter will shortly be coming out to you by email to update you on our plans. In the meantime please scroll down for further information on some key areas and any additional questions or queries you may have can be directed to this email address:

You can download a copy of the letter sent to parents of Year 6 students below. If you haven’t completed the confirmation form, you can find it here.

There is more information that we need to give you but don’t want to overload at this stage. We will add more information to this page as we go and will email you to let you know.

In order to provide you with more detail about daily routines, equipment needed in school, where to find information or who to speak to, we have uploaded our Transition Booklet

Summer Challenge Ideas

Staff at Perins have put this booklet together to give you ideas from each curriculum areas of things you could do over the summer holidays to keep you busy and give you new challenges. You do not have to do them, but you could choose a few! Lots of them are good fun and challenging, some will give you an insight into topics you will study in Year 7 and some will give you a chance to recap KS2 skills and knowledge. Have fun!

Meet the Tutors!

Our Tutors have recorded a short video message to share with their new Tutor Groups – Click here!

All About Me!

Hello Year 6! We have put together an ‘All About Me’ page for you complete (if you would like to) which will go to your new tutor here at Perins so they get to know a little bit about you.

I’ve completed one here . If you have a printer you can print the sheet out, fill it in and either scan it and email it back to or take a picture of your finished sheet and ask for help to email it back. If you don’t have access to a printer, then why not produce your own sheet and ask someone with a phone to take a picture and email it?

All sheets can be sent to


In recent years parents have, on occasions, expressed concern at the weight of books and
equipment being carried by students on a daily basis to and from home, and we therefore offer
locker space for students on a first come first served basis. There is a rental charge for their
time at school – please note we endeavour to allocate a locker close to the student’s tutor base
but this is not always possible. Please complete the online locker request form and pay via
ScoPay when this is set up.


We have put together a Q&A sheet with the most-asked questions regarding transition. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs Harrison,


Your child will be predominantly cared for by their tutor during their time at Perins but there are a large number of staff who are here to support them with pastoral issues. If you have general queries during your child’s time at Perins, emailing their tutor is often best in the first instance as they will know your child and can forward messages most appropriately. 

Each tutor group belongs to one of our School Houses Ventus, Ignis, Terra and Aqua and the Heads of Houses and their deputies maintain an overview of academic progress, achievements and behaviour. 

In addition to the tutors and the Heads of Houses, we have a large Student Services team. This includes our Guidance Managers who are non-teaching members of staff and experts in ensuring support for your child’s social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH). 

Our Guidance Mangers work alongside a range of external agencies where that extra level of SEMH support is required.


Students will be assigned teaching groups at the start of the year which are different to their tutor groups. These will be smaller in size (average 24) allowing for greater teacher input on an individual basis. These groups will be mixed in ability for most subjects but we will set students according to ability in Maths. This usually happens after the first half term but given we will not have any SAT data from primary schools, this may change to ensure time for relevant assessments to take place. These sets are fluid and it is normal for a small number of student movements over the course of the year. 

Students will study either French or Spanish right through Years 7 and 8. If you have a strong preference for your child to study a particular language, you should email by Thursday 7th May 2020. This preference doesn’t guarantee a particular language but we will endeavour to accommodate requests where possible. Requests received after Thursday 7th May 2020 can’t be considered as the timetabling process will have begun.

Data Collection

This is a link to our main data collection form where we ask for lots of information about you and your child. Could you please submit by Thursday 7th May.

Medical Forms

Please complete the medical information form here no later than Thursday 7th May. You will be able to inform us of changes to this information later through the SIMS Parent app.

Consent Form

We will ask for your consent to take and possibly publish images of your child during the Transition Day. Also for the Transition Day we’d like to know if your child is entitled to a free meal. Our Cafeteria uses fingerprint ID recognition technology for convenience and security. No images of fingerprints are stored in the systems, rather, each unique print generates a code that is then read by the till. Use of this biometric technology does require your consent however and so we would ask you (whether you consent or not) to please complete and submit this form.


Please remember to book in-catchment transport – this link to the online registration service was included in the email you received from Hampshire County Council Admissions on 2nd March 2020. The deadline for returns to Hampshire County Council is Friday 26th June 2020. 

If you live out of catchment, you will need to make your own arrangements for transport to school.  If you live in Basingstoke, you may wish to refer to our website for more information.
The Basingstoke Mortons Bus Service deadline is Sunday 31st May to guarantee a space.  Please email Jayne Jackson with the student’s name and address and a parent’s mobile number.  There is no obligation to take-up the place until the first payment is due. 

Laptop Scheme

At Perins School we believe in integrating digital learning, with technology as a complementary piece of equipment in a student’s “pencil case” which supports and develops different skills, alongside the more traditional approaches of reading, writing, drafting, spelling and drawing traditionally practised in schools. 

So we are pleased to invite you to join our 3 year laptop scheme starting in September 2020. As we enter our 13th year, we look forward to your support as the scheme goes from strength to strength and we are hopeful that we can once again match the current Year 7 participation rate of 100%. 

We need the Laptop Scheme Response Form completing for all new students by 22nd May, as we will be ordering the laptops by 3rd June. We would usually ensure delivery and set up in time for the start of term in September but this year we may have to deliver a little later and in phases.

Please follow this link to our 3 Year Laptop Scheme page.  Here you can find:

  • How the Laptop Scheme Works
  • 2020 Laptop Scheme Information and Frequently Asked Questions
  • Link to the Response Form
  • Link to the Freedom Tech order portal

If you have any questions or want to discuss any aspect of the scheme please don’t hesitate to get in touch

SEND Information

Perins is proud to be an inclusive school.  Staff provide Quality First Teaching (QFT) by making reasonable adjustments to ensure that those students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) are fully integrated within lessons and the school community.  The majority of students with an identified difficulty are catered for within the classroom through the use of inclusive strategies. Every student is entitled to enjoy the full curriculum, regardless of additional requirements, and we do our very best to try to meet each student’s individual needs.

The Learning Support department, together with members of the Pastoral and Heads of House teams, work very closely with the many primary/junior schools that have students joining us, year-on-year, and this year is no different; regardless of the challenges we are presented with by COVID-19. Transition to secondary school can be a worrying time for all students (and their parents!), especially those who have SEND. Please allow us to reassure you that we are committed to working with all young people and their families by taking a flexible approach and adapting transition to meet the needs of those who have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and those who are on their school’s SEND register as currently receiving SEND support and intervention. 

For the students I have mentioned above, we would normally hold a Transition Partnership Agreement (TPA) meeting with our primary colleagues and parents in the Summer term of Year 6. At the moment, under the current circumstances we are in the process of contacting all schools for information on the needs of those students on their SEND registers from their school’s SEN Coordinator. Once all information has been received, we will request that the primary/junior school complete the TPA meeting supporting documentation in the usual way and send to you for you to add: your views on how your child learns best; more information on what their special educational needs are; what support you feel they need at secondary school and what your aspirations are for their secondary education. Once you have completed your part and sent back to the school, they will share this document with us and we will contact you directly with information on the next step.

For those students with an identified SEND, that may not fall into the category above and not currently be on their school’s SEND register; which means they may have a diagnosis of dyslexia for example, but have been making good progress with minor quality first teaching adaptations to their classroom environment and therefore not currently receiving a specific intervention prior to school closure; we would not normally hold a TPA meeting and will ask the school/you as parents to pass on details of their diagnoses and the adjustments their Year 6 teacher was making for them via the school SENCo and we will disseminate this information via a one page profile to all of their new Year 7 teachers in preparation for their first day with us. 

If you would like to know more about the Learning Support department at Perins School, please visit our dedicated web page on our school website: where you will find a link to the school’s SEND Policy and the SEND Information Report as well as Hampshire County Council’s Local Offer. Alternatively, please email with any specific questions you may have.

More Able Students

During Year 7 we will use a range of measures and criteria to identify those children who are ‘more able’ within subject areas and those who have ‘high academic potential’ to do very well across all academic subjects. As we have students arriving from so many primary schools this process takes place throughout the autumn and spring terms allowing students to settle in and demonstrate their abilities across the curriculum. If your child has specific areas of talent outside of the school curriculum i.e. plays county/regional/national sport or has a musical talent i.e. grade 5 or above on an instrument, then please do get in touch with our More Able Coordinator Mrs Key so that we are aware of these talents and can support their progress while at Perins. 


Wearing a school uniform is fundamental at Perins, ensuring all students are recognisable and giving a strong sense of identity.  A uniform also means students don’t have to worry about peer pressure when it comes to the latest trend.

All parents are expected to provide school uniform and comply with the uniform regulations. Please note that on all issues relating to uniform the judgement of the school is final.

You can find out all about Perins uniform here

School uniform, including ties and blazer badges, can be ordered online on The Direct Clothing Company website, where the delivery option will be a choice of either home delivery (£3.99) or to school (free) term time only.  If delivery to school is chosen, this should be available to collect from the School Office up to three working days after placing the order.

You will not be able to arrange deliveries until restrictions are lifted however the company has said they foresee no issues with stock availability when they re-open.

Please click here for a short video guide to measuring for a skirt